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Prices Do Not Include Applicable Tax & Dump Fee


Junk Removal:

We measure for the amount of space you take up on the dump truck, then estimate accordingly.

The process happens like this:
We estimate the total cost.
Our truck arrives at the designated time.
We responsibly remove your trash! No hassle.
$65 Minimum Fee
$130 - 1/6 Load
$200 - 1/4 Load
$260 - 3/8 Load
$300 - 1/2 Load
$360 - 5/8 Load
$400 - 3/4 Load
$460 - 7/8 Load
$500 - Full Load
Plus Tax

Carpet Removal:

Removal of carpet and safe disposal. Tack strips would be an extra service charge (optional).
$ 0.84 - $1.52 Per Square Foot The design phases happens like this:
We see the rooms you need done.
We remove the carpet and dispose responsibly.


To remove and dispose of the old materials (vanity, cabinets, sinks, flooring, lighting, bathroom fixtures, shed removal, hot tub removal, and kitchen appliance removal), we will give you a quote after surveying the project and determining the best method of removal.

Our demolition happens like this:
We show up at the designated time and demolish.
We then responsibly and safely remove all debris.

Add-On Prices:

$35 - Refrigerator, Freezer or A/C Unit
$0.30 - Florescent Lights (per foot)
$15 - TV Removal (each)
$50 - Piano
$10 - Tires (each, after first 4)
$30 - Railroad Ties (each)
No Hazardous Materials

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